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Secure your plot before making any payment! Select the payment plan that suits you: outright, 3-months, or 6-months installments. No more waiting, get allocated now and pay later.

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Own a landed property of your choice in prime locations across Lagos, Ogun, and Ibadan, with payments as low as ₦250 per day. Enjoy the freedom to pay daily, weekly, monthly, or outrightly, made effortless through our auto-debit feature.

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Say goodbye to land grabbers and Omo Onile hassles! With Buildbay, your land purchase is secure and hassle-free.

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Easily keep track of your land purchase, payments, and land documents on our platform

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Enjoy the freedom to choose flexible payment plans - pay outrightly, in 3 months, or 6 months, with automated payments for a seamless experience.

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  • AY
    Abiola Yemi
    I am so excited with this opportunity from Buildbay and I’m encouraging everyone to come onboard because through Land Now, Pay Later I have become a landowner by paying in installments and in no time I will build my house.

  • OPB
    Oluwabori Precious Bello
    I am happy about this initiative, I was wowed when I heard about LNPL and I encouraged my mum to grab this opportunity. Although, she was skeptical at first but after encouraging her she came onboard and we are now landowners. I thank Buildbay for what they have done in people’s lives.

  • AT
    Adewale Timilehin
    I am a beneficiary of what Buildbay is doing and Buildbay has surpassed my expectations, it has done what has never been done elsewhere; you having a land without paying a dime is a unique initiative and I’m encouraging everyone to jump on it because this is the place you should be.

  • HL
    Hakeem Lawal
    As a Buildbay LNPL customer, I was doubtful at first but I decided to check out the site and I was really impressed,

  • TA
    Tijani Anuoluwapo
    I bought a land for my mum and the process has been convenient for me, paying in installments for 2 years has helped me greatly to fulfil my dream of being a landowner. Buildbay has a huge plan for its customers and in no time they will be well recognized in the real estate world.

  • MA
    Morris Asuquo
    It sounded fraudulent at first when I was introduced to the plan by a friend. It's been 4 months since I got on the plan, and getting alerts and updates on m

  • ZP
    Zikeyi Peace
    I am a proud landowner today and it is all thanks to Buildbay; they made the payment easy for me by paying in installments and I am glad to be a part of this enterprise.

  • DJ
    Damian Joel
    I want to appreciate Buildbay for this opportunity which was introduced to me by a friend, although I was skeptical at first but I gave it a try and I am glad I came because it turned out to be real and Buildbay exceeded my expectations. I’m saying a huge thanks to Buildbay.

  • FA
    Fathia Adejumo
    I got to hear about Buildbay from a friend on WhatsApp and the payment plan was very flexible which made me pay weekly. I am glad they kept to their words of making me a landowner without stress. THANK YOU Buildbay

  • TT
    Toluwafunmi Taiwo
    I did not think it was real initially after a friend introduced me to Buildbay which made me scared but I was lucky enough to participate and I’m happy and thankful to Buildbay for being truthful and staying to their plan and promise of making me a landowner.

  • AA
    Adekunle Adewale
    At first I was scared but with what I have seen and the information I have gotten, Buildbay knows what they are doing and I’m convinced they want the best for us which is the reason I am aiding everyone who hasn’t joined to jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • AA
    Ashipa Abibat
    When I was told about Buildbay and their plans, I thought it was a lie and I was doubtful at first but when I was eventually allocated my land I knew it was not a lie and I’m saying a huge THANKS to Buildbay for fulfilling my dream of being a landowner.

  • AE
    Adediji Eniola
    I got to hear about Buildbay from someone in my church, he said I can buy a land in installments by paying monthly or daily and I chose the former, it was nice and my land has been allocated. Thank you Buildbay, I really appreciate this great opportunity.

  • IA
    Ihaza Anenaghawon
    I heard about Buildbay on Instagram and I was told I could buy land by just paying 300 naira daily. I was skeptical at first because it sounded unreal but I just decided to still pay and I’m now a proud landowner. If you have not started, jump on the landowners wave through Buildbay now.

  • MA
    Melody Aiyalogbe
    My name is Melody Aiyalogbe and I’m so excited to be get my land today; although I was skeptical when I heard about Buildbay and their flexible payment plan which allows us to pay daily for land but after doing my research I got started and I’m happy I did.

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